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Trees and Shrubs  -  Delivery and/or Installation   -   Warranty Included

Commercial and Residential

Insured  -  Over 25 Years Experience

Tree and shrub replacement, screening, privacy hedges, new installations,

landscape updates, memorial plantings and more. 

We can also help you with full service tree removal if needed.



Plants purchased from Treeze Inc. but not installed by Treeze Inc. are warranted 100% credit based upon the paid purchase price for the first 30 days from the date of purchase; then 50% credit for balance of one year from the date of purchase.


Plants purchased from and installed by Treeze Inc. are warranted 100% of paid purchase price including installation for one year from the date of purchase.


If applicable, warranty covers a one-time replacement per purchased plant.

Treeze Inc. will not warranty any losses due to pest damage, animal damage, neglect of proper care (including improper or no watering), mechanical or chemical damage, vandalism or theft, or acts of God which include but are not limited to extreme or abnormal temperatures, lightning, ice, wind, hail, flooding, drought, or any type of weather extremes.


The customer is responsible for proper maintenance including watering and fertilizing, pest and disease control, pruning, mulching and weed control. Treeze Inc. reserves the right to inspect all plant material and planting sites.

All replacement requests must be made by original purchaser with proof of purchase and within the time periods as above stated. No cash refunds. Credit is based only on the price originally paid and given on a one-time basis. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days of invoice date will render the warranty on those invoiced plants as null and void.  Any accounts with overdue balances will be void of all warranty.

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